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My background

My journey into natural medicine likely began many years ago as a child, when my Mum told me about how she used traditional herbal remedies growing up in Thailand. No doubt a seed was planted then. Throughout school I loved science and I decided to study pharmacy, fortunately whilst completing my pharmacy degree, aspects of complementary medicine were included into the degree which I openly embraced.

After practicing for a few years in community and hospital pharmacy, I was dissatisfied with the limits of what my job had. Seeing many patients taking large quantities of pharmaceutical medications but not doing anything to better their nutrition or lifestyle had me feeling like I had to offer more to improve their health. After burning out in my job I felt the need to take a break from pharmacy practice and pursue natural medicine which brought me to study Naturopathy; opening up a wealth of knowledge that I can now share with others. When I am not consulting, I practice as a compounding pharmacist and integrate aspects of Naturopathy into my work, hence the term "Integrative Pharmacist".

I have completed over 8 years of tertiary education bringing to you an understanding of both conventional and complementary medicine. My special interest areas are digestive health, skin conditions, immune health and chronic disease management, although I am open to treating all health concerns. I continue to build my knowledge of health and wellness so that I can improve the quality of life of others and inspire those who seek wisdom beyond conventional medicine. 


Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science

Master of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Fitgenes certified Practitioner

Member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia 

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Naturopathy is a form of holistic medicine it involves supporting the body back to a state of wellness using diet, lifestyle, manual therapies, hydrotherapy, herbal and nutritional medicine. It requires a willingness to make a change for the better, to know your body and take charge of your own health. I am here to help guide you on this health journey. 

Fundamentally, Naturopaths see each person as a unique individual, and not as a medical condition. The aim is to restore balance in the body, identify and treat the causes, prevent disease, educate and bring awareness about health and well-being. 

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In a Naturopathic consult, I will explore your health concerns, medical history, medications, diet and lifestyle and more. A physical examination with tongue, nail and iris examination may also be conducted.

For Initial and return consults (longer appointments), a treatment plan with dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be personalised for you based on your health goals so that I can help optimise your health.

Any prescribed herbal or nutritional medicines can be arranged for you at additional cost. Functional pathology tests may  be ordered if necessary, however is not covered by Medicare are will incur extra charges.

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